Italian pavement dining and people watching – at Venerdi, London.

We wandered along a bustling Hackney street on this sunny summer’s evening and quickly reached our easygoing Italy in London destination – Venerdi !


As it was such nice weather, Martin (the new GM of only three weeks) recommended us to start our evening dining outside on one of the pavement tables. The perfect spot for watching the world go by whilst sipping on a summery drink of Carpenè Malvolti – a rose cuvee brut (£33) with refreshing wild cherries and raspberries flavour notes.


We kicked off our evening with perfectly cooked scallops (£9.50) served with  and on a bed of crushed peas, and fritto misto (£9.90) (or misto fritto as they call it) – you can’t beat a plate of perfectly cooked fried seafood! Loved the use of chickpeas batter made with soda water rather than the traditional batter; created a wonderful textural and flavour element. Though we were sad that they had just changed the menu and the nduja (Italian spicy sausage unique to Calabria) was no longer part of this dish. Anyway, it took us straight back to holidaying by the sea in Calabria, Italy.


Next we moved onto mains of Ribeye Paddella (£16.50) – ribeye in a peppercorn sauce  and spinach – and Salmone alla griglia (£16) – grilled salmon in a lemon butter sauce, though this also had a slight change from seabass ravioli to salmon ravioli.


Unfortunately, the ribeye was slightly overcooked (had gone slightly grey – was medium-well done, rather than what I requested of medium – rare). Though Martin, credit to him, did quickly offer to change this, but it would have meant the rest of the dishes would have gone cold, so we politely declined. Anyway, we were having an enjoyable summer evening dinner outside, so did not mind this as Martin was also being the perfect host and spent time chatting to us, even when the restaurant was busy.

Loved the crab salad (£7.50), especially the vibrant flavours of orange and finely sliced fennel; wild mushrooms (£4.50) and roasted potatoes with rosemary (£4.50) – the rosemary had got all nice and crispy.

These summery dishes went perfectly with the next wine recommendations that would also complement our mains – a Montipulciano and Merlot. We learnt that they take a lot of care and attention with choosing the wines on  their menu to complement the dishes.

As it was starting to get cooler now late evening, Martin suggested we move inside. As we walked into a light and neatly designed restaurant, we got to watch Chef Marco – the ‘pizza master’- in action:


It was a twenty minute wait for the fondant (Tortino al cioccolato – £6) but it was worth it, you could smell the chocolatey aroma as our fondant was cooking. As we cut into the middle of the fondant, molten chocolate oozed out like a lava flow. It was gorgeous and the perfect end to the evening, accompanied by one of Chiara’s favourite desserts – Tiramisu (£5.50).


Keep Venerdi on your radar as they are going to start doing bottomless brunch soon!


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Instagram: @alexandrarosecreative @venerdi_italian @carpenemalvolti


Thank you to Alexandra for the invite and organising our review meal, and to Martin and Felix for warm and attentive service. We will be back soon to check out the bottomless brunch!


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A hidden gem in North London- Bayleaf


So we may have found our new favourite Indian restaurant tucked away in Whetsone. We kicked things off with cocktails, we got a raspberry mojito and a pina colada. I have a sweet tooth and so preferred the pina colada.


We were wowed by our starters dramatic presentation, a platter of the most enormous prawns and scallops (£17.45) we have ever seen, which are brought to the table and then dry ice is poured into the hole in the middle so that the clouds billow out (see the video). But as we know size isn’t everything, the prawns tasted delicious too, so much so that we actually asked them who their supplier is! The delicate scallops were cooked perfectly, and I was worried that strong spices would overpower them but the balance was just right. Our second starter of lamb chops (£17.95) was beautifully presented too, tender and moist they vanished in a flash.


For mains we couldn’t resist some more of those stunning prawns this time in a butter sauce (£17.95), and some Kerala style red snapper (£17.95). The snapper was a bit overcooked but we loved the accompanying sauce, rich with coconut and curry leaves. We also had to try their version of Goan fish curry (£17.95), which was different to how we do ours, but still very tasty. On the meat side of things we tried a spicy lamb laal maas curry (£16.95) accompanied by lachha paratha and peshwari naan.


For dessert my sweet tooth mourned the lack of Indian desserts but it was probably best to end on a lighter note of passionfruit and mango mousse for me, and J had a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.


We loved the sleek, modern look of Bayleaf and the food and the presentation certainly matched up to the elegant surroundings, one to keep in mind!



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Thank you to Humayun for organising this review meal, and for the team at Bayleaf for great food and service.

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Want to work in the live events industry? – Help out at Comida Fest!

Do you want to get some experience of the live events industry? Then why not help out the lovely Gizane, Alicia and team behind Comida Fest …


To see how much fun Comida Fest is check out our blog post:


Twitter: @comidafest @gisanec @AliciaLix @avianca #LatinAmerica @PottersFieldsPa

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How to feel like you’re in Latin America without leaving London- Comidafest!


We got to visit Comidafest on a sultry afternoon which really made it feel as though we were in Latin America. But I think even if the weather doesn’t play ball the food brings enough summery vibes that you can still feel totally tropical. And if you drink enough cocktails from a coconut it won’t matter what the weather is doing!


We sampled so much our bellies were bursting but some of highlights included a refreshing ceviche, crammed with delicious seafood, and get this a tapioca pancake! You may think you don’t like tapioca and have bad memories of eating “frogspawn” at school but believe me when it’s fried into delicious crispy pancakes and stuffed with lots of good things you will.


It was also so hot we were forced (forced I tell you!) to hydrate with some more cocktails by Café Pacifico which came with an extra shot of tequila in a test tube.


Some more co-ordinated people (or let’s be honest people who had eaten less!) participated in the salsa class but we were happy to soak up the music and the sunshine on the sidelines.

And if you really want to actually be in Latin America, Avianca, the national airline is running a competition to win a trip to Columbia that you can enter when you visit Comidafest.


Next on 12th & 13th August at Potters Fields (Tower Bridge) – so start planning your weekend now!!!


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Thank you to Gizane and Alicia for inviting us, and all the food producers who served us. Great also seeing fellow food and travel bloggers including Vi Vian, Chris and Fernanda.

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Cookery Classes at Taste of London 2017, and fun times with Lee Kum Kee Europe!

We kicked off our day at Taste of London with an enjoyable cookery class with Chef Jeremy Pang, from School of Wok, making Pork baos:


The pork baos were delicious, but very messy to eat – though some of the most delicious food are not always the most elegant to eat in company! These were washed down with Hong Kong Iced Milk Tea.

Next we ventured across to Turkey and an icecream throwing and snatching entertainer drew the crowds around their stand. Loved the spinach and cottage cheese borak, plus the pomegranate molasses over feta cheese. Though our stomachs were wondering what we were doing eating savoury after sweet!

Then we went to Grana Padano to learn more about good-quality Parmesan cheese and how to cook with it, plus pairing it with different wines. One of our favourite experiences at Taste of London, and made us crave to learn more about Grand Padano and ways to cook with it.

After exploring a lot of Taste of London, we finally ventured over to the Lee Kum Kee Europe stand for a cookery demonstration and food tasting of kung pao chicken – not forgetting to include some fun and games. You have to work off all that food you have been eating after all!!!


Make sure you don’t miss all the fun and excitement of the Winter Taste of London in Tobacco Dock – so start planning for the 16th to 19th November, 2017, and book your tickets here…


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#foodbloggers @marjan.focus @1dish4theroad

Thank you to Tom and Lee Kum Kee Europe for inviting us to Taste of London and for all to fun and games at the Lee Kum Kee stand. See you guys again soon.

It was great meeting fellow foodies at Taste of London, and glad to hear that our fellow foodbloggers Marjan and Aaron had as much of a good time as we did. Tobacco Dock here we come!!!

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Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival, in association with Lee Kum Kee Sauces


We went to the Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival sponsored by Lee Kum Kee Sauces, celebrating all the good things about Hong Kong including its food heritage, a combination of British influence and being a port city, so one with great access to seafood.


We got to watch celebrity chefs Ching-He Huang and Ken Hom demonstrate how to make Zongzi, little rice steamed dumplings stuffed with various goodies, including tiny dried shrimp, salted egg yolk and dried sausage. You have to construct a pocket out of leaves, fill it with steamed rice and your chosen filling and then hang it off a bamboo pole to steam. Its actually trickier than it looks to construct the pocket, as our friend Jess from Jess Eating East found out when she bravely volunteered to give it a go! Ching did it so fast it looked easy, guess like everything else it gets better with practice. We sampled afterwards and unless you happened to get the bit filled with goodies I found the glutinous rice itself a bit dull. Until I added some of the Lee Kum Kee chilli oil and XO sauce to it, you could put those things on a flip flop and it would taste good!


Luckily for us food is pretty tangible (!) so we then tasted a variety of dim sum made by the Chinese Cricket Club, the restaurant onsite at the Crown Plaza. I love that dim sum means “to touch the heart lightly”, so poetic, although the amount of dim sum I ate practically meant that it was touching my heart in reality!  My favourite was the chicken siu mai, chicken, shitake mushrooms and spring onions, enveloped in a thin sheet of dough and steamed. J’s was the dessert of Sago in Mango Milk, which he said was a Far Eastern version of falooda (think bubble tea pearls in an alphonso mango milk). I’m not sure if I would be able to replicate the delicate dim sum we got served but the bag of Lee Kum Kee sauces we got to take home would definitely encourage me to try and branch out from my usual stir fry to something a little more adventurous.


And who knows now that BA are doing direct flights to Hong Kong maybe we might get to check out their food scene on the ground. I think that might inspire me even more!


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Thank you to Tom and Carrie at LKK Europe for the invite, and it was great meeting fellow food bloggers Tom, Jess, James, Mark, Seetal, Neil, Sandra, and another James and Jess!

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Pure Indian Cooking in Fulham

We headed across London to explore the Indian cooking of one of just a handful of Indian Female Head Chefs at Pure Indian Cooking in Fulham.


Pure Indian Cooking is run by co-owners Michelin-level trained Indian Head Chef Shilpa Dandekar and her husband Faheem Vanoo. Both started their careers with the world reknowned Taj Hotels Group in India, and have also developed their skills at top London Indian institutions: The Bombay Brasserie and Michelin-starred Quillon. Also, Shilpa trained under Michelin-starred Chef Raymond Blanc OBE and became their first female head chef.

Pure Indian Cooking’s USP is that they use quality ingredients, sourced from their contacts developed working all these years in the industry, to create dishes with clean, fresh flavours with subtle spicing, and presented with finesse.

After receiving a warm welcome from Chef Shilpa’s husband Faheem, we settled down to cocktails with exotic ingredients that reflected both Shilpa and Faheem’s careers starting with Taj; we loved the restaurant with its bright decor, beautiful artwork and metalwork of the light fixtures.


C loved her light and fresh Lychee and Lemongrass cocktail, and I enjoyed the sweeter floral notes of the hibiscus syrup in the Hibane cocktail off-set with the sharpness from the champagne. I particularly loved the addition of the hibiscus flower, which opened up in the glass and was picture perfect! Thanks Faheem for the cocktail recommendation.

We were tempted by the Taste of Mumbai, a selection of streetfood that transports you to the authentic flavours of India and creates memories of the hustle and bustle of busy streets in Mumbai, but decided on kicking off with delicacies traditionally cooked in the Tandoor (a clay oven): malai (double cooked cream) lamb chops and tandoor king prawns.


The lamb chops were still pink and succulent, and the plump prawns had a wonderful, unique smokey note that you only get from the tandoor. Also the raw mango and ginger’s sharpness and gentle heat complemented the sweetness of the prawns.

As we were talking about our shared love of India with Faheem, he recommended one of his favourite cocktails – a mango and chilli margarita. It took us straight back to memories of drinking cocktails on the beach, whilst visiting relatives in Goa at the end of January!


As Faheem advised us that they use local butchers, that they personally use for home entertaining also, in Putney Bridge to supply all their meats especially game. We decided on the spiced Barbury duck roast and a spiced vension roast from their game selection. These were matched with side dishes of dal makhani, laccha paratha and peshwari naan.


Dal Makhani is a rich, creamy and delicious dal from the Punjab. Shilpa made this perfectly. We loved the cardamom and clove notes in both the game dishes; though in our opinion, the spice levels could be reduced slightly to enable the flavours of the game to shine through in those dishes. Lachha paratha is a North Indian speciality, especially from the Punjab, and is essentially means layers and layers in Punjabi (think of a mille feuille but in paratha/ bread form), and is cooked in the tandoor; we have enjoyed it when travelling in India, and take it from me, this crispy, flaky delight is perfect with a cup of hot Indian chai for breakfast! (Though I will probably be shot for saying that, as it is meant to be eaten with some sort of curry.) The highlight of the breads was the peshwari naan, which had a lovely balance of coconut, toasted almonds and plump sultanas.

Save space for dessert – I am sure you all know that you have a separate dessert stomach!


Shilpa has done a wonderfully unique and creative twist on the traditional halwa turning it into a lovely crumble (especially perfect for that comforting hug from a dessert on those cooler nights). Really liked the way it was served on a slate board and in a cast iron skillet. C said that she enjoyed the spiced chocolate mousse, though she found it a bit heavy after a rich meal.

Overall, their USP rang true especially with beautifully presented dishes showcasing Shilpa’s Michelin-level training , and a great experience with pleasant service and excellent mixology skills from Faheem – shame we did not get a chance to meet Chef Shilpa herself, as the restaurant was becoming increasingly busy during our visit; with dine in customers and also with take away orders. We take our hats off to Shilpa and Faheem, as they have to look after their small daughter (who was entertaining herself with an ipad) whilst looking after a busy restaurant. Also, we already have our sights on the Dover sole recheado, roasted aubergine, lamb sukke, and the saffron pulao for our next visit.

Be taken on a journey through India via your food. One of the restaurants we recommend you to check out for London Food Month!


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Thank you to Food and Hospitality Consultant Humayun Hussain for inviting us to review Pure Indian Cooking.

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Coach and Horses, Clapham North

The Coach and Horses is tucked away on a quiet sidestreet in between Brixton and Clapham. They have a nice outside area so if spring ever decides to return it would be a lovely place for a drink in the sunshine (live in hope eh!)

Looking forward to lunch with Amy @feedingfranklin @coachhorsessw4 ! @tastytoursldn @TastyComms #tastytours #tastycomms

A post shared by Jason & Chiara Pinto (@goantolondon) on


They’ve also revamped the inside with some comfy sofas and a short, everchanging list of cocktails. Short is good in my book as it means they do a few things but they do them well. At the time we were there these included a raspberry margarita (what’s not to like?!) and a very good espresso martini. J can vouch for the negroni and old fashioned too!


See Alex (General Manager, and professional mixologist) in action making an espresso martini:


They also do good, not your usual run of the mill pizza. Mine had spicy n’duja, balanced out by sweet roasted tomatoes, fennel and peppery rocket. J went for a gluten free option with artichoke, which was perfectly cooked and its delicate flavour was complemented by the sweeter notes from the ricotta cheese, a wonderful nutty warmth from the roasted garlic and the lemony/ citrusy notes from the sorrel.



We then got the Nutella doughnuts and I’m not sure why I thought these would be dainty mini ones. They were enormous beasts that were impossible to eat in a ladylike way but delicious.


If you want to have a carb fest this is your place! They also show sport on a big screen (I will leave it to you to decide if this is a plus or not!). Also, craft beers are their specialty such as ones from well known local breweries like Camden Town, Brixton, and Beavertown, or further afield including Sweden, Belgium and Czech Republic.



Thank you to Amy (Feeding Franklin) at Tasty Comms & Tasty Tours London for inviting us, and it was great to also meet fellow food blogger Lucy.



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Address: 173-175 Clapham Park Rd, London SW4 7EX
Phone: 020 7498 6308
Coach and Horses special offers during the week:

o Kick the Monday blues with 2 for 1 on all our delicious pizzas, all evening

o Try something new with a paddle of any 3 of our delicious craft beers for a mere £4

o Brighten up that Sunday with our lively quiz night

o The Dough Club! Ask staff for a Dough Club card and your 10th pizza will be on us

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all our lovely blog readers and social media followers! Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter weekend.
Thank you for helping us reach our year’s target of 1, 000 followers on Instagram, and 2, 000 followers on the blog.
Hope that you continue to enjoy reading our posts, and please encourage others to view our blog and connect with us on social media and via the blog.
Feliz Páscoa , and enjoy eating loads of chocolate!!!
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A Food Tour with Chef Liam Barker and AirBnB

AirBnB has launched their city experiences to allow visitors and residents of cities around the world, including ones staying in accommodation booked via them, to go on adventures together to get to know their host city better.

Image courtesy of: Chef Liam Barker

Liam is a chef by background, and has many years experience in the kitchens of some of London and the UK’s best restaurants and hotels. This in-depth understanding of food and his passion to share his knowledge comes across during the tour through his warm persona and ‘get involved and I will show you’ method of teaching.

Image courtesy of: Chef Liam Barker

We were invited on a soft launch of his new North London cooking experience – a foodie tour around his favourite shops to get provisions of some of North London’s best ingredients before cooking up a storm and settling down to enjoying dinner together. We met up in Camden Passage, just down the street from Angel station, outside Moxtons fishmongers. Liam explained about the different types of fish on display and how to tell that fish are fresh.


We then walked a short distance to master chocolatier Paul A Young so we could get a small giftbox selection of chocolates each for our sweet treats at the end of the meal.


Next we went to Mrs’ Lovells green grocers where we picked up our fruit and veg we needed, including an unusual ingredient – smoked garlic. This has quite an intense aroma (could smell it in the taxi!) and was fun to try and locate in the green grocers.


Finally, we made a pit-stop at Highbury Vinters wine shop to pick up essential wine supplies that would complement the meal we were cooking.


Liam had an Uber people carrier on standby to ferry us from one location to another, when it was too far to walk – you need to save some energy for cooking right?

We were finally whisked to a terraced house that has a café by day and which has a small kitchen and eclectic dining room where Liam hosts the cookery masterclass aspects of his food tour. Before starting cooking, we cracked open a bottle of wine and had a competition to see who could pick out the notes of the wine – a hint: no wrong answers!


We put our sea bass to bed encased in a cave of a mixture of 1kg of Maldon sea salt and whipped egg white.


Before the oven treatment:


And here he is in all his baked glory the sea bass ladies and gentlemen!



– with a golden brown coloured salt crust:

Images courtesy of: Chef Liam Barker and Connie Consumes

When Liam produced the blowtorch to blowtorch the butterflied prawns, it brought back memories of my childhood having fun cooking by fire, including making chapattis puff up directly on the hob and toasting marshmallows.

We made some Beetroot, horseradish and mayonnaise toasts for starters.


So you know that delights you are in for, the menu we enjoyed on the night included:


Beetroot, horseradish and mayonnaise toasts


Blowtorched blackened tiger prawns


Salt crust baked sea bass


New Potatoes with dill


Citrus leaf salad


Braised cos lettuce


Accompanying selection of wines specially chosen by Chef Liam


Here is the finished dish – what a colourful plate of food:



What are you waiting for – head over to AirB&B’s site and book Chef Liam’s awesome North London food tour for an unforgettable experience lasting about 4-5hours, and learn to make some beautiful British dishes in an evening of cookery in Islington!


Twitter: @ChefLiamUK @e1Lifemag @Airbnb @Airbnb_uk #EatLikeAChef #Moxtons @paul_a_young #MrsLovells #greengrocer @HighburyVintner

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@JessEatingeast @Londonist @FreshnFearless @garyjberry


@SauceComms @saucetravel @AngelIslington0 @NudgePR @GuittardChoco

@CaliforniaPrune @CountryandTown @ChocsForChance

@Uber @AirBNBLocations @AirBnbExp #BelongAnywhere

@hubbleitVR #VR #hubbleit @LondonIsOpen #londonisopen @maldonsalt





Great also meeting fellow foodie friend and blogger Connie and her partner.

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