Fat Macy’s- eat good food and do good

Fat Macy’s is a supper club with a social conscience. Everyone who works there, from the chefs to the servers, are young people living in temporary accommodation. Working at Fat Macy’s helps them save for a deposit to get their own place. We love the ethos and the food was great even if you don’t know the backstory. We hadn’t been to a supper club for a long time and had forgotten how nice it is to meet people who you normally wouldn’t in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Our pop up was at Good and Proper Tea and walking in to be met by fresh flowers, tea lights and a rosemary and clementine G&T felt like the perfect welcome on a cold, rainy night.
We started with a cheddar cheese and leek tart with spiced cranberry relish. J is dairy free and they coped admirably with this, rustling up a leek and onion version for him instead.

Fat Macy’s Supper Clubs Press Launch – cheddar cheese and leek tart

The main was chicken braised with sherry, accompanied by brussel sprouts with roasted red grapes and chestnut butter and roasted potatoes with garlic and tarragon . The sides came family style in big sharing platters, the best way as it ensure everyone chats whilst passing things back and forth and you can have sneaky seconds of your favourites!

Fat Macy’s Supper Clubs Press Launch – Chicken braised with sherry

We finished up with a clementine posset and cinnamon biscuit, a light, refreshing end. I had a little taste of J’s dairy free version of this and was surprised by how creamy they managed to make it.
Their next supper clubs are around Valentines day, if you fancy doing something a bit different to the usual “table for 2 and a red rose for the laydee”, go!

Fat Macy’s Supper Clubs Press Launch – Clementine Posset with cinnamon biscuit

Fat Macy’s Website: https://www.fatmacys.org/
(Spaces still available 15th February, and also 28th March, 2019.)
Fat Macy’s Social Media:
Twitter: @fatmacys
Facebook: @fatmacys
Instagram: @fat_macys
Thank you to Meg and Iona for inviting us and Fat Macy’s Team for looking after us, and look forward to see you again soon.
Also, great having the company of fellow foodies with a social conscience including Nicola , Jamie , Mary , Lizzie and John, and the teams behind Good and Proper Tea and Aphrodite’s Food .
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A relaxing beach holiday in Calabria, Italy!

We needed a relaxing beach holiday away from the regular tourist spots, and so decided on a lesser known location of Zambrone in Calabria – a beach vacation hotspot for the Italians!

After a lot of research and discussions, we decided on the all-inclusive 4* BV Borgo del Principe. It is a beautifully landscaped, and tranquil hotel with a superb location looking out over Zambrone marina and bay. It is not far from Tropea (just a short journey by train), and Santa Maria dell’Isola (11km). And for those looking for funparks, you have Aquapark di Zambrone only 1.3km away. When we arrived, they had kept a bottle of local rose wine in each of our rooms. What a lovely welcome!


During our stay we enjoyed delightful local Borgo di Valdo – Terre di Cosenza (De Caro) red, white and rose wines; as well as local culinary delights, like Nduja, and local liqueurs, such as limoncello and amaro, to enjoy watching the beautiful sunsets.

Amaro is locally produced from a blend of Calabrian herbs, flowers, fruits and roots. It is an acquired taste; though sadly not one of ours!

Nduja is a locally produce spicy pork sausage (pork, roasted peppers and a mixture of spices). It is perfect spread on bread and eaten with olives; or as we have found since returning home, great on roasts!

These went perfectly with the gorgeous array of foods, cold and hot daily changing dishes, fantastic fresh seafood, such as swordfish, themed nights, and fabulous Italian coffees (available anytime of day), whilst dining on the restaurant terrace looking out across the crystal clear sea (amazing to swim in also).


We played table tennis and football (they have a friendly activities team), plus went for lovely beach walks early morning and in the evenings.

Tropea is just a short train ride from Zambrone railway station. Just hop on the train (€1.30 each way per person), and you can take in the breathtaking coastal scenery before exploring the UNESCO heritage site that is Tropea.

Plus do not forget to pick up your supplies of Nduja before you leave – otherwise your stomach will not forgive you when you return home and it is craving this wonderful, spicy treat. 🙂

What a find of a hotel, with fantastic service, food and location, and highly recommended for an escape from busy city life!


Hotel contact details:

BV Borgo del Principe

Address: Via del Mare, 40, 89868 Marina di Zambrone VV, Italy
Phone:+39 0963 392196



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Check out:





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Happy New Year for 2018 to you all!

Seasons Greetings and an early Happy New Year for 2018 to you all!!!

Hope you have enjoyed our blog posts and social media coverage of different travel locations, restaurants and various events over the last year.

Great also seeing familiar faces on the food, travel and lifestyle scene whom we have got to know over these last eight years, plus constantly connecting and meeting new people.

Have fun bringing in the New Year, look forward to making further new connections over the coming year, and continue to follow our food and travel adventures around the world both on the blog and also via our social media!

* Also, as we mentioned previously at Christmas time, from beginning of January, 2018 we will be running more competitions to celebrate our international blog turning 5 years old (2012- 2017) – so don’t forget to say in touch. 😎 *

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The awesome Elmore Jam’s Italian supperclub at Spianata Bakery, London Bridge! … Have you got your tickets for this weekend?

We arrived at The Grub Club and The Elmore Jam’s Italian Supper Club at Spianata Bakery in More London.

After a welcome Negroni, we settled down to sample an array of delightfully created dishes by a top Italian Chef  served on beautiful tiles against the musical backdrop of the fantastic lively jazz trio:


Loved watching the theatre in the kitchen of Chef Alessandro Miroballo in action!


If you want to experience this level of fun, entertainment and excellent food all combined into one evening, head over to The Grub Club to buy your tickets for The Elmore Jam’s next pop-up Italian supper club event this weekend with cooking by MasterChef Professional Finalist and Head Chef at the Italian Embassy – Danilo Cortellini . There are still a few seats left for today: Friday 8th December, 2017 and tomorrow: Saturday 9th December, 2017.

What are you waiting for? Hop over to the link below to grab your tickets …


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Instagram: @alessandromiroballo @theelmorejam @grub_club @danilocortellini

Thank you to Nick from The Elmore Jam and Kerri from Lantern Public Relations for the invite, and great chatting with Chef Miro, Stephano (owner of the excellent Spianata Bakery) and brother Marco, and an enjoyable dining experience with Stephano’s parents and Kerri and Donna – Nick’s core team.

Hope you enjoy your evening watching another master, Danilo Cortellini, in action if you decide to go. Have a great weekend all!


Spianata Bakery contact details:




More London Place, London SE1 2RT

Phone: 020 8616 4662
Email: morelondon@spianata.com

Opening Hours:

Thursday 7:30am–8pm
Friday 7:30am–8pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 7:30am–8pm
Tuesday 7:30am–8pm
Wednesday 7:30am–8pm
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The surprising thing you should be pairing with your Comte cheese this Christmas (hint: its not chutney!)

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Thank you to Megan, Sabrina and Patrick for the invite and an interesting evening.
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The best gelato outside Italy!

We went to Prime Gelato in Soho to try out Mirko’s range of proper Italian gelato.
Mirko is from Italy originally and you can tell because so is everything else in his shop, from the Ferrari of ice cream machines to the pistachios that he imports from Sicily (they’re the best dontcha know!). J was very impressed by the gleaming chrome machines but I was instantly drawn to the counter as that’s where the gelato was. Unlike other shops Mirko doesn’t leave his gelato open to the elements, the lids on top maintain the constant perfect temperature, but thats only indicative of his devotion to the religion of gelato! We sampled pretty much most of his range of gelatos and sorbets. I loved the nut flavours, espcially the hazelnut (imported from Turin) and the peanut which Mirko carefully balanced with his own recipe for salted caramel to make the poshest Snickers gelato ever (I’m not sure that’s the frame of reference he would use!)
Normally I’m not a fan of sorbet, finding them too gritty or crunchy. But those amazing machines come into their own allowing Mirko to create almost creamy tasting sorbets with the purest fruit flavours, I especially liked the mango, a blast of sunshine on these wintery days.
Mirko also does vegan gelatos, much to the delight of our friend and fellow blogger Naomi who can’t eat dairy. We sampled some and I have to say for vegan gelato they were pretty darn good. And at only     for a small cup I don’t think you can get better gelato in London. We watched Mirko very sweetly offer a free cone to someone who had already purchased a strawberry cone from a competitor. Frankly it’s good marketing because once you taste Mirko’s gelato you won’t be going anywhere else!
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Instagram: @prime_gelato_london @mirko.mazzone.84 @naomi_loo
Thank you to Naomi for inviting us, and Mirko for a fun evening. Great also seeing fellow bloggers Amy and Tim.
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Learning to bake koláčes and the perfect drink pairing with Budweiser Budvar!

On a rainy midweek evening, what better way to cheer your spirits up than with … proper Czech lager and koláčes.

Koláčes are traditional Czech delicacies that are a cross between pastries and the comforting inner hug you get from a donut – and we learnt that they are the trendiest thing around to be munching on anytime of the day!

The guys from Budvar brought over from South Bohemia, Czech Republic the best koláčes baker they had found to show us how it should be made (tab through the pics and watch the video – or head to our Instagram page).


We also learnt that the honey notes of this original, traditionally made, Czech lager  complements the fruity flavours and spiced notes of all of the koláčes we had the pleasure of sampling that evening.

You can find a comprehensive koláčes recipe from Budvar, courtesy of About Time Magazine (one of our favourite magazines):


Go and bake some to find out what we are all raving about, and then settle down with a Budvar in hand to get that true Czech experience. A perfect pick-me up for these autumnal evenings!

Twitter: @untoldagency #czechbakeoff #koláčes @budvaruk

#budvar #noshortcuts #czech #lager #drinkpairing #UntoldStories @abouttimemag 

Thank you to the lovely Amy from Untold Agency for inviting us, great seeing fellow bloggers at the event, Theo and Rob from Budvar for enabling us to have a better understanding about original Czech lager/ beer, Simon for hosting us in his fab house in Maida Hill, and last but definitely not least the warm and enthusiastic chef Ria.

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Instant no cook satay sauce ft Lee Kum Kee, PipandNut+a secret ingredient

So it’s scenario I think we can all relate to. You’re back from holiday, you’re hungry, there’s nothing in the fridge and you’re too tired to go shopping. Previously I might have got a dirrrty Maccy D’s (other fast food outlets are available) but I’m better than that now. I’m also too broke to get a classier takeaway (did I mention I’ve just been on holiday?!) So I hoick some dry roast chicken out of the freezer and stare at it sadly. What I really want are chicken satay noodles but I also really don’t want to cook. Then inspiration hits me. What I had was (this sentence always make me think of MacGyver. For younger readers, he was the eponymous hero of an 80s TV show where, in order to defeat the bad guys, he would routinely have to construct a nuclear reactor out of bits of cardboard that were lying around wherever he happened to be trapped. Luckily he was a scientist so he could do this. He would start his voiceover with “What I had was”, list the bits of tat, and then explain how to make a nuclear reactor in 5 easy steps. I am a bit less unquestioning of this than I would be as a child. I digress.) Lee Kum Kee chilli oil and Pip and Nut squeeze packs.



I scoop the nut butter into a bowl, add a spoonful of the chilli oil which already has garlic and soy sauce in it and thin it down to the required consistency using… hot water from the kettle (yes secret 3rd ingredient!). I then hurl in chicken and instant noodles. Washing up=1 bowl. Cooking=zero.




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Tacu Tacu Latin American in Hackney

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