Guest Posts

Hello readers,

Do you know of a place that we have not reviewed? Have we not covered your area and do you know of a gem that you think the rest of our readers should know about?

Why not write a review and email it to us, with attached photographs and labels, at:

We will then post it for you on our blog (pending goantolondon approval; and we reserve the right to amend the post to fit in with our writing style, but we will contact you with changes required before we finalise the guest post prior to publishing) – with an acknowledgement of you as a guest post reviewer for goantolondon within the post. (Please note that there is no financial benefit to writing guest posts for us currently, but you do get exposure to our international readership and Twitter/ Facebook followers.) We would then kindly ask you to tweet (mentioning @goantolondon) or retweeting once your review is posted/ share a link on Facebook from our page, and create a trackback to goantolondon; especially if you provide this review elsewhere later on.

Look forward to receiving your guest posts, review ideas and trackbacks.

Happy reviewing!

Jason & Chiara

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